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Summary Chapter 38

Emma arrives early for the ball to help make sure everything is prepared.
Frank is agitated. He is looking around. He seems afraid to be near her. He is looking forward to meeting Mrs. Elton.
Miss bates and Miss Fairfax were thought to be coming with the Eltons, but they are sending their carriage back for them.
Frank Churchill claims his dance with Emma, though it seems to escape having to dance with Mrs. Elton.
Harriet doesn’t have anyone to dance with. Mrs. Weston tries to get Mr. Elton to dance with Harriet. Though he was willing to dance with Mrs. Gilbert, he declines to dance with Harriet. Mr. Knightley comes up to Harriet and dances with her. Harriet feels very honored despite the mortification before.
Mr. Knightley is angry at the Eltons for hurting Harriet. He asks Emma how she made them her enemies, for the attack was not really against Harriet. He correctly deduces it is because Emma tried to get Mr. Elton to marry Harriet Smith. Mr. Knightley believes that if Mr. Elton had any sense, he would have preferred Harriet.
When Mr. Weston asks her to liven the party up by dancing, Emma asks Mr. Knightley to dance with her. He agrees.
Jane Austen