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Summary Chapter 27

Emma doesn’t regret going to the Coles’ party. She had a nice time, and they were pleased that she came.
She does regret telling Frank Churchill her suspicions about Jane Fairfax. She also regrets her inferiority in skill to playing and singing compared to Jane Fairfax. Harriet flatters her by saying she prefers Emma’s ability. She thinks Emma has taste, but Jane merely has execution.
Harriet says the Coles told her that Mr. Martin had dined with them. They asked if she was planning on spending another vacation with the Martins. The Coxes think he is an eligible bachelor. Emma says of course they do, since they are vulgar people.
Emma accompanies Harriet on her errand to protect her from any accidental meetings with the Martins.
She sees Mrs. Weston and Frank Churchill on their way to visit the Bates’. Frank is trying to get out of it, but Mrs. Weston and Emma persuade him to go.
Mrs. Weston and Miss Bates later ask Emma to come and hear the pianoforte and give her opinion about it. She agrees.
Jane Austen