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Summary Chapter 5

Mr. Knightley tells Mrs. Weston he disapproves of the friendship between Harriet and Emma. He believes Harriet is too common. Mrs. Weston doesn’t agree. In trying to improve Harriet’s mind, maybe Emma will read more like she has planned to for years. Mr. Knightley doesn’t believe this will motivate Emma.
Mr. Knightley believes Emma’s problem is that she became clever too young. He didn’t think Mrs. Weston was a fit governess and thinks she is better suited as a wife. However, she admittedly learned how to be a good wife from her former situation.
Mr. Knightley finds Harriet ignorant, and as a result she looks to Emma as a mentor. She flatters people too much. It isn’t good for her to associate with people above her station. It will only make her dissatisfied with the class she belongs to.
Mrs. Weston praises Emma’s beauty, and Mr. Knightley agrees. Mrs. Weston is confident the friendship between Harriet and Emma will be beneficial. Emma never makes a lasting blunder. She cares about people, and she makes amends if she makes a mistake. Mrs. Weston advises Mr. Knightley to not make his objections known. Everyone else approves of the friendship.
Mr. Knightley is concerned about Emma. He has never seen her in love herself. She does not have much exposure to fall in love.
Jane Austen