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Summary Chapter 18

Mr. Frank Churchill is unable to come. Mrs. Weston, despite expecting this would happen, is disappointed. Mr. Weston hopes Frank will come later, which would prove to be more favorable in weather anyway.
Emma is too distracted to be disappointed at something she had looked forward to. She still manages to get into a disagreement with Mr. Knightley. He feels that though the Churchills may interfere with Frank’s visits, Frank would visit if he were a more motivated individual. He takes other trips with no difficulties. Emma can understand the difficulties that arise when it comes to placating other people.
Mr. Knightley believes it is the young man’s duty to visit his father. If he behaved like a man, Mrs. Churchill would have no objections. Emma points out the trouble the young man would have when he returned homes. Mr. Knightley believes the Churchills would feel secure, for if Frank does his duty to his father, he would certainly do his duty to them.
Emma feels a young man may have trouble rebelling against the authority figures who have raised him. Mr. Knightley considers such a person weak. He is disgusted by Frank Churchill.
Emma is surprised by the dislike Mr. Knightley feels towards Frank Churchill.
Jane Austen