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Summary Chapter 22

People assume Miss Hawkins must be handsome, elegant, accomplished, and amiable even before they meet her. Mr. Elton is pleased. He had went away rejected, disappointed, and embarrassed. He wound up finding an equally superior lady to the one he had lost.
Augusta Hawkins did have beauty and merit in addition to wealth. The courtship had been swift. She had been impressed with Mr. Elton from the start and eager to have him. He returns to Bath to be married, and everyone eagerly awaits for him to return with his bride.
Emma doesn’t find his behavior much improved and wonders what she ever saw in him. However, his wife should remove the awkwardness between them.
Emma doesn’t believe the woman is superior to Harriet except in wealth. She was the daughter of a merchant. She lives with an uncle in Bristol who is a lawyer since her parents deaths. She vacations in Bath. She has an older sister who was married well to a gentleman.
Emma is dismayed that Harriet can’t get over Mr. Elton. This is made worse by the fact that she constantly hears about him from those who admire him at Mrs. Goddard’s.
Elizabeth Martin called at Mrs. Goddard’s and had left a note for Harriet, who hadn’t been there. Emma decides to take Harriet to visit the Martins, since the visit has to be returned. Yet, her taking Harriet will emphasize it is merely of formal acquaintance.
Jane Austen