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Summary Chapter 46

Mr. Weston asks Emma to come to the Randalls. Mrs. Weston needs to speak with her. He seems agitated. Emma worries her sister, Isabella’s children, or brother-in-law are in trouble. He assures her this is not the case. He reveals that Frank visited them this morning. He is going to Windsor.
Mrs. Weston looks ill. She tells Emma that Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax are engaged. They have been engaged for a long time and kept it secret. Neither the Campbells nor Churchills knew about it.
The Westons are upset. Mrs. Weston is relieved when Emma assures her that she didn’t care for Frank Churchill. The Westons had hoped Emma and Frank would get together, and they were worried Emma’s heart would be broken. Emma says he still had no right to court her when he was engaged to another.
Mrs. Weston claims there had been a misunderstanding between Frank and Jane. He revealed the engagement when he learned that Jane had taken the post. Frank had promised to write Mrs. Weston the particulars later. Mr. Churchill gave his consent to the marriage.
Emma is still angry that Frank and Jane had not been open with everyone. Emma is embarrassed because she spoke ill of Jane to the man who is her fiancé.
Mrs. Weston asks Emma to be happy. They are not going to object to the union. They still think well of Jane Fairfax.
Jane Austen