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Summary Chapter 16

Emma unhappily reflects on the new development. She feels bad that her mistake will hurt Harriet. She realizes she interpreted things the way she wanted to, though she still feels Mr. Elton was deceitful.
Her opinion of Mr. Elton is lower. She realizes John Knightley had been right about everything. She does not believe Mr. Elton was really in love with her, so she feels no need to pity him. He is merely looking for a wife with money—and having failed with her, will no doubt set his sights on someone else. She is offended that he felt he was her equal when she is too superior in status to marry him. However, her attitude towards him no doubt lead to this misunderstanding that she was in love with him.
Emma vows to not do any more match making. She doesn’t regret, though, dissuading Harriet from marrying Robert Martin. She tries to think of a new beau and realizes she is relapsing into doing what she vowed not to.
Emma agonizes over the explanation to Harriet and the awkwardness this will cause. 
She wakes up in more better spirits. The weather keeps her from having to confront Harriet or Mr. Elton.
Jane Austen