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Summary Chapter 41

Mr. Knightley dislikes Frank Churchill more as time goes by. He believes Frank is courting Emma and Jane Fairfax at the same time. Emma believes Frank loves Harriet Smith.
Mr. Knightley believes that Jane Fairfax and Frank are corresponding. Frank seems to try and catch her eye when they are together.
Frank Churchill proposes an alphabet game and gives Jane Fairfax a word that, when she works it out, pleases her. She gets angry, though, when he gives her the word “Dixon”. She proposes to her aunt that they leave. Frank tries to push more words towards her, but she pushes them back.
Mr. Knightley asks Emma what word Frank gave her that made her laugh so much. Emma says it was a private joke. Mr. Knightley tells her he suspects that Frank and Jane love each other. Emma doesn’t believe it.
Jane Austen