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Summary Chapter 2

Mr. Weston comes from Highbury. His family was respectable. He received a good education and an early but small independence. He entered the military.
He was very popular. Miss Churchill fell in love with him, much to the consternation of her family. She had control over her fortune and married against their wishes. They disowned her.
The marriage, though, was not happy despite Weston’s congenial temperament. Mrs. Weston was unhappy about losing her family and missed the luxuries of her old life. They could not live like she once did even when they exceeded their income.
Captain Weston was much poorer when she died. The Churchills, having no children, took custody of Mr. Weston’s son.
Captain Weston quit the military and became a trader, which his brothers were in. He improved his fortunes enough to buy an estate.
His second marriage is happier since he chose his wife rather than the other way around. He saw his son once a year and was proud of him. It was decided that he should visit when his father remarried. Frank wrote a highly praised letter to his stepmother, who was pleased by it.
Mrs. Weston misses the Woodhouses, though she enjoys her new life. Mr. Woodhouse continues to regret her loss and believes marriage is an evil thing—and that wedding cakes are bad for the health.
Jane Austen