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Summary Chapter 7

Harriet is excited. Mr. Martin had left a parcel for her. He professed his love for her and proposed in the letter. Emma is surprised the letter is written without spelling mistakes. His sentiments seem genuine and not coarse. Emma advises Harriet to refuse him, though she does it in a way that sounds like she is not advising Harriet. She tells Harriet that if she needs to ask for advice, she must be uncertain…and therefore she should say no.
Harriet decides to refuse him. Emma is glad. She wouldn’t want to lose a friend, for the Martins are too low for her to associate with. Harriet does not wish to lose her new friends.
Harriet worries about refusing Robert Martin. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. She worries about what his family will say.
The letter is written. Harriet is depressed afterwards. Emma tries to divert her with Mr. Elton.
Jane Austen