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Summary Chapter 34

Everybody extends invitations to the Eltons, so they always have a busy schedule. Mrs. Elton fits in well, though there are some luxuries she misses that are not known or common in Highbury. She plans to introduce these luxuries at her own party.
Emma plans to invite them to dinner, mostly because it is expected rather than out of like. Harriet declines to go. Emma is glad, for she wanted to invite Jane Fairfax instead. She is feeling guilty since Mr. Knightley pointed out that Mrs. Elton was the only one who was attentive to Jane Fairfax.
A complication occurs when John Knightley plans to visit the day of the dinner party with his two eldest children. Mr. Woodhouse can’t bear more than eight people at a party, and John would be vexed that they are having a party the day he chose to visit.
Mr. Weston winds up being unable to come, so it all works out. John Knightley enjoys seeing Jane Fairfax. She always fetches the mail at the post office, and she had met him by chance in the street earlier that day. There is much consternation that Jane went out in the rain with her fragile health. The conversation about letters upsets her. Mrs. Elton decides to ask a man that picks up her letters to pick up Jane’s too. Jane protests that she does it for exercise and won’t go out in the rain again.
Emma suspects that Jane got a letter she liked, for she seems happier.
Jane Austen