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Summary Chapter 43

The expedition to Box Hill, set the day after the Donwell visit, is full of pleasant expectations. Despite the fine weather, though, the group is listless. They choose to divide up.
Frank is quiet and doesn’t truly see his surroundings. Once they sit down, he flirts with Emma. He tells her she commands him.
Frank tries to rouse the party and succeeds at first. Emma embarrasses Miss Bates. Mrs. Elton doesn’t enjoy the game they are playing. She and her husband walk off.
Frank remarks how lucky the Eltons are that they are so well matched, considering they only knew each other a few weeks before becoming engaged.
Frank tells Emma she should fix him up with a wife. She thinks of Harriet.
The party is all rather glad to leave.
Mr. Knightley reproaches Emma for her rude comment to Miss Bates. If Miss Bates were wealthy, he would consider her able to fend for herself. However, being poor, it is bad taste to attack her. Emma’s behavior will dictate how others treat her.
Emma feels ashamed of herself. She doesn’t reply to him, and he assumes she is too angry. She feels bad about this too.
Jane Austen