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Summary Chapter 54

Mr. Knightley tells Emma that Harriet is going to marry Robert Martin. Mr. Knightley had asked Robert to deliver some papers to John. John liked Robert and invited him to dinner. Harriet was staying with them, and Robert got to speak with her.
Emma is surprised but pleased. She no longer objects to the match. She thought Harriet had turned against him. Mr. Knightley approves of the match, having gotten to know Harriet and thinks better of her.
Emma is happy. She hopes to grow worthy of her wiser husband.
Emma feels relief, for she no longer has to feel bad about Harriet.
Emma and her father go to the Randalls. Frank and Jane are there. Frank thanks Emma for her forgiveness. He hopes his uncle will come to the Randalls to meet Jane.
Mrs. Weston had worried her child was unwell the previous evening, but she recovered.
Emma is glad to be friends with Frank. She feels satisfied in the superiority of Mr. Knightley when she compares their characters.
Jane Austen