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Summary Chapter 48

Emma had always enjoyed Mr. Knightley’s attentions and worries now she has lost them. She had often been angry with him. They had quarreled. However, he had always shown an interest in improving her.
She hopes that he doesn’t care for Harriet and will remain a confirmed bachelor . She doesn’t want to marry him, for she can’t leave her father.
Emma writes Harriet, saying they shouldn’t meet for a while.
Mrs. Weston comes to Hartfield to tell Emma more news. She had just visited Jane Fairfax. Jane had been reluctant and embarrassed at first, but she opened up to her. The secrecy of the engagement had given her no peace of mind. It hadn’t been the right thing to do, and she dreads telling Colonel Campbell. Jane is grateful for Emma’s kindness. Emma feels bad about her earlier behavior, knowing it was due to envy.
Emma fears what might happen, and how it will result in their friends being lost to them. Mrs. Weston is going to have a baby and will have less time for them. Frank and Jane will leave Highbury. If Mr. Knightly marries Harriet, his loss would be the worst of all.
Emma vows to know herself better and to be more rational so she has less to regret.
Jane Austen