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Summary Chapter 47

Emma feels bad that once again her misconceptions have made Harriet believe in something that isnt’ true. Mr. Knightley was correct that she had been no friend to Harriet. Though she didn’t try to bring them together, she should have discouraged Harriet’s feelings since the relationship was unlikely.
Emma assumes Jane will now recover. She holds no grudge for being slighted by her, as she assumes it was due to jealousy.
Emma goes to tell Harriet the news, only to find Harriet already knows. She doesn’t seem upset. She reveals that she never cared about Frank Churchill. She is in love with Mr. Knightley and thought Emma knew. When Emma encouraged her to have hope, she assumed it was because Emma knew that Mr. Knightley liked Harriet. Harriet fell in love with him when he asked her to dance after the humiliation with Mr. Elton.
Emma is upset. Harriet believes Mr. Knightley has returned her affection. Emma realizes she is upset because she loves Mr. Knightley. Emma realizes the full extent of the injustice she has done to Harriet. However, she plans to inquire whether there is truth to Harriet’s beliefs.
Mr. Knightley’s opinion of Harriet had improved. He had been kinder to her and more attentive.
Emma is wretched at how blind she has been. She tries to figure out when she fell in love with Mr. Knightley. She realized she always loved him. She had never cared for Frank Churchill.
Emma regrets her arrogance in thinking she knew other people’s feelings. She worries Mr. Knightley is in love with Harriet and will disgrace himself. Emma regrets discouraging Harriet from Robert Martin. She realizes she has set Harriet’s sights too high. Harriet now thinks more of herself than she should. However, Emma realizes she is the one that nurtured this vanity.

Jane Austen