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Summary Chapter 45

Mr. Knightley tells Emma he is visiting his brother in London. He is not himself, and Emma thinks he is still angry with her. He looks pleased, though, when Mr. Woodhouse says she went to call on Miss Bates. Emma wishes she could discuss Jane Fairfax with him.
The next day, they receive news that Mrs. Churchill has died. She died unexpectedly of a seizure. People are kinder to her memory now that she is dead. She had been disliked, and people never believed she was ill. Her death proves that she hadn’t been faking it. They blame her illness for affecting her temper.
Frank, though, is now free. Emma hopes this will be good for his relationship with Harriet to blossom.
Emma invites Jane to Hartfield, hoping to be more friendly and useful to her. However, Jane is still ill. There is doubt she may even be able to start her new post. Emma offers to call in a carriage, but she is refused again. Emma goes to visit her anyway, but Jane refuses to see her—even though she will see Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Elton, and Dr. Perry. Emma sends her some arrowroot, but it is sent back.
Emma then hears that Jane had gotten some exercise the day she claimed she was too ill. Emma realizes that Jane doesn’t want anything to do with her. Emma accepts this, saying her intentions were good—and Mr. Knightley couldn’t say otherwise.
Jane Austen