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Summary Chapter 19

Emma tries to dismiss the subject of Mr. Elton, feeling it has been discussed enough, but Harriet keeps bringing it up. Emma decides to call on Mrs. and Miss Bates, which she is not generally inclined to do, for a distraction. She figures they won’t have a letter from Jane, so she won’t have to hear about her.
Emma finds Mrs. and Miss Bates tiresome, and they associate with lowly women. She also dislikes having to hear about Jane Fairfax.
Mrs. and Miss Bates love company and are overwhelmingly kind. Since Mrs. Cole had just visited, the subject of Mr. Elton is brought up.
Miss Bates mentions that Jane has written, even though they weren’t expecting a letter from her just now. Miss Bates wants to share the letter, and Emma tries to think of an excuse to escape. They say Jane is coming to visit next week. She will stay three months. Her guardians are going to Ireland to visit their newlywed daughter.
Emma deduces that Jane is not going to Ireland because Mr. Dixon likes her too much. Jane Fairfax has been ill since the marriage between Mr. Dixon and Miss Campbell. The Campbells think she should spend time with her family.
Emma leaves before has to hear Miss Bates read Jane’s letter.
Jane Austen