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Summary Chapter 21

Mr. Knightley is pleased that Emma had been nicer to Jane Fairfax. He knows Jane is reserved, but he feels Emma can overcome that in time.
Emma is irritated that Jane didn’t answer her questions.
Mr. Woodhouse regrets the Bates’ meager existence and wants to send them some pork. Emma has already done so.
Miss Bates and Jane Fairfax enter, bustling with the news that Mr. Elton is going to be married. Emma observes it wasn’t a long courtship. He only knew the lady for four weeks.
Emma goes to tell Harriet.
Harriet is upset because she saw Robert Martin and his sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth had looked away when she had seen her. When Robert saw her, he asked his sister to speak with her. The sister was civil but not as friendly as she had been. Robert comes up and talks to her later. Harriet feels miserable because she enjoyed seeing them again.
Emma believes they have genuine feelings for Harriet and were embarrassed. She also believes they want to elevate themselves in status.
Emma tells Harriet it isn’t worth dwelling one. It was a chance meeting. Harriet obsesses over it, so Emma tells her about Mr. Elton getting married to distract her.
Emma is pleased that the Martins hadn’t visited Harriet since she rejected Robert’s proposal.
Jane Austen