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Summary Chapter 13

Isabella enjoys her visit, the only complaint is that it is too short. Mr. Weston insists that they dine at the Randalls—even Mr. Woodhouse.
Harriet catches a cold the night before and cannot attend. Emma comforts her, saying Mr. Elton will be disappointed, and she will be missed.
Mr. Elton shows concern over Harriet’s ailment and for Emma’s health as well, since she exposed herself. Emma tells Mr. Elton he should avoid the party. He sounds hoarse, and it is very cold. However, John Knightley offers Mr. Elton a ride to the Randalls, which Mr. Elton accepts with pleasure. Emma assumes men just can’t resist invitations to dinner parties, even when the woman they love can’t attend.
Mr. John Knightley remarks how Mr. Elton goes out of his way to please the ladies. He believes that Mr. Elton has a crush on Emma. He cautions her to re-assess the situation and be careful how she acts.
Mr. John Knightley finds the visit to the Randalls inconvenient. His children are fussy, and it is cold.
Mr. Elton says he called on Harriet, only to hear she was much worse. He doesn’t seem that depressed by her absence. Mr. Elton enjoys dinner parties, even in the worst of weather.
Jane Austen