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Summary Chapter 50

Emma is very happy. Mr. Woodhouse remains ignorant that he is in danger of losing his daughter to his friend.
Emma vows not to marry while her father is alive, for she can’t bear to leave him. As for Harriet, she decides to convey the news in a letter. She plans to send Harriet to spend time with Isabella in London, thinking the diversion will help ease the pain of her disappointment.
Mrs. Weston forwards a letter from Frank to Emma.
Frank explains he appeared to court Emma so that he could conceal his secret better. He believed her indifferent, so he felt safe doing so. His visit purposely came after Jane had arrived. He had been the one that sent the pianoforte. He asks Mrs. Weston to visit Jane and assure him her health is good, for Jane’s account can’t be trusted.
Jane had been upset by his attentions to Emma. They had quarreled at Donwell. He was resentful and believed she didn’t care about him. They fought again at Box Hill. Jane broke the engagement and accepted the offer of the position Mrs. Elton had procured. He had written her a letter but forgot to mail it, for he was distracted by his aunt’s death. Jane was hurt that he did not write and sent back his letters. He then decided to speak to his uncle, who gave his consent. He and Jane were reconciled.
Jane Austen