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Summary Chapter 29

Frank wishes to dance with Emma again. They decide to have another party. Mr. Woodhouse frets about Emma catching a cold. Mrs. Weston worries about the supper. Mr. Woodhouse finds Frank to be a thoughtless person.
Frank changes his plans to pacify Mr. Woodhouse. Later, he decides to change the location of the ball to the local inn since the Randalls has too small of rooms.
Mr. Woodhouse does not approve, though he has never been to the inn. Inns, though, are not properly aired and are usually damp. However, he is pacified when he hears that Mrs. Weston approves of the arrangements, trusting her judgment.
The women find the lodge dirty, and there is a major problem in that it doesn’t have a supper room. Frank wants Miss Bates’ advice. Emma is against asking her, but Mr. Weston agrees.
Frank gets Emma to promise him the first two dances, just as his father expected he would.
Jane Austen