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Summary Chapter 23

Harriet is agitated about Mr. Elton. When she goes to the Martin house, she is torn by the memories of the pleasant time she spent there.
Emma picks her up punctually. Harriet tells Emma that she only saw Mrs. Martin and two of the daughters. They had been rather cool with her. They started warming up just when Emma’s carriage appeared. Harriet is embarrassed that she only paid a fifteen minute visit to people she had spent six weeks with. They resented it. Emma is sorry that these good people are not of higher rank, and that this relationship has to be severed.
Emma goes to the Randalls, but Mr. and Mrs. Weston are both out. However, the Westons encounter her carriage and stop it. Mr. Weston is excited that his son is coming tomorrow.
Mr. Weston and his son visit the Woodhouses the next day. Emma finds Frank Churchill very handsome. She really likes him. Mr. Weston is besides himself with joy.
Frank Churchill knows how to please people.
Emma believes that Mr. Weston is hoping that Frank and she will take a liking to each other.
Frank plans to visit Jane Fairfax. Mr. Weston cautions his son to be careful of how much attention he pays to her. She has lost her status now that she is away from the Campbells.
Jane Austen