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Summary Chapter 37

Emma has cooled in her feelings towards Frank Churchill. She is worried about him. He had been in so much love with her, and she assumed he’d return with the same feelings. She doesn’t want to encourage him. She is certain something will happen during this visit.
However, when he arrives, his feelings have cooled as well, though he is friendly and happy to see her. He is restless. He is in a hurry to see an old acquaintance. She assumes he is distancing himself because he can’t trust himself around her.
He doesn’t get to visit as often because his aunt wants him near her. He is convinced she is ill this time. The Churchills decide to go to Richmond. There is a medical specialist there that is recommended. Frank is pleased because he’ll be closer to Highbury. Mr. Weston believes that he is doing this because he is in love with Emma, which makes him happy.
Mr. Weston is glad Frank is closer, for he’ll be able to visit more. The ball that had been cancelled is put into the works.
Jane Austen