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Summary Chapter 53

Mrs. Weston safely gives birth to a daughter. Mr. Knightley predicts she will spoil the child. Emma tells him that he had been useful to her in his influence. She had once called him George to offend him, but he hadn’t been. She can’t call him anything but Mr. Knightley.
Emma wishes she could discuss Harriet with him. He seems to suspect they are no longer close.
John Knightley congratulates his brother, believing the advantage is on Emma’s side. Mr. Knightley wishes Mr. Woodhouse would take it well.
Once Mrs. Weston recovers, Emma tells her father about her engagement. He is shocked and tries to talk her out of it. Emma points out she is not going away. He will be glad that Mr. Knightley will always be around. Mr. Woodhouse very gradually warms to the idea.
Mrs. Weston is shocked but approves of the engagement. Mr. Knightley understands Mr. Woodhouse and is good to agree to come live at Hartfield.
Mrs. Elton is the only one who disapproves of the engagement. She likes Mr. Knightley and believes Emma will ruin everything.
Jane Austen