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Summary Chapter 28

Mrs. Bates isn’t as tiresome because she has fallen asleep. Jane is busy at the pianoforte. Frank is pleased to see Emma.
Emma and Mrs. Weston find the pianoforte a fine instrument.
Franks asks Jane about whether she knows for certain whether the pianoforte came from Colonel Campbell. She replies she doesn’t, for he has not admitted to sending it.
Frank requests that Jane play a waltz. He recalls he heard the one she starts to play at a party he and Jane had attended. She looks embarrassed and plays something else.
Emma reproaches him for bringing such things up. He says he is intentionally doing it. She should feel shame. He tells Emma that Jane is playing the favorite waltz of the man she cares for.
Miss Bates invites Mr. Knightley to come in. He is about to until he hears that Frank Churchill is there, and then he says he has to go about his business.
Jane Austen