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Summary Chapter 24

Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Weston visit Hartfield again. Frank likes his stepmother and spends a lot of time with her. Emma is pleased to see Frank Churchill again. Had Mrs. Weston not thought highly of him, Emma could not like him. However, this is not the case.
Frank recollects some of his childhood memories and visits people he used to know as a child. He is delighted with everything. Frank wishes to become acquainted with everyone in the village and wants to hold a ball. He doesn’t show the expected pride of the Churchill family. He has his father congenial nature.
Frank Churchill does find it difficult to escape the talkative Bates family. He thought Jane Fairfax looked ill, and he always remembers her that way. He doesn’t really wish to talk about his former acquaintance with her. He is guarded in his answers. She was someone other people praised. She did things better than Miss Campbell, though Miss Campbell never seemed to mind. Frank seems to dislike Jane’s reserve as well.
Frank Churchill is better than Emma expected. He is less sophisticated but less spoiled too. Emma feels that he desires to settle down and get married.
Jane Austen