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Summary Chapter 12

Though he usually enjoys Mr. George Knightley’s company, Mr. Woodhouse wants Isabella to himself the first day she arrives—and therefore he is not pleased when his friend visits. Emma hopes she can end her quarrel with Mr. Knightley, but neither is willing to admit to being wrong. 
She uses her nieces and nephews to help reconcile with him. Mr. Knightley feels he has more experience, being 16 years older than Emma. Emma asks if Mr. Martin was bitterly disappointed at Harriet’s refusal, and Mr. Knightley confirms this.
Mr. Woodhouse regrets how long it has been since he saw Isabella, and he is sorry that Isabella chose to vacation in the dangerous sea air on her last vacation—though it had been recommended. Emma keeps trying to change the subject, bringing up mutual acquaintances.
Mr. Woodhouse believes London is an unhealthy place and regrets that Isabella has to live there. She tells him that their part of London is nice.
Isabella is happy that the Campbell’s daughter married. She proposes that the excellent Jane Fairfax—whom Emma dislikes—can now be Emma’s companion.
Mr. Woodhouse believes his doctor’s advice is better than Isabella’s doctor’s advice.
John Knightley gets annoyed and criticizes Mr. Perry’s nosiness. Mr. Woodhouse gets agitated. Mr. Perry is his friend as well as his doctor. Besides, Mr. Woodhouse is really upset that Isabella didn’t spend her last vacation with him. George Knightley changes the topic, and Emma placates her father.
Jane Austen