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Summary Chapter 31

Emma believes she had been in love, though as time goes on she minimizes how much. She waits impatiently for a letter, but she isn’t depressed and idle. She saw Frank Churchill with his faults. In all her imagined scenarios where he professed his love, she refused him. It is for this reason that she believes she was not that in love with him, for she wouldn't have been able to bear parting with him or have him merely as a friend had she felt more.
She believes he is in love with her and vows to not encourage it. She is glad her feelings are not wrapped up in him, for he strikes her as being rather fickle.
Frank writes to Mrs. Weston, saying Mrs. Churchill is recovering. He asks Mrs. Weston to give his respects to Harriet. Emma wonders if he was attracted to her.
Emma dreads the return of Mr. Elton with his bride. Harriet has become agitated again. Emma pleads with her to stop thinking about him, for it makes her feel bad for setting Harriet up with those expectations. She doesn’t want Harriet ruining her health or peace of mind. This succeeds where other advice has failed.
Emma admires Harriet’s warm heart and charm, which she herself lacks but respects. Any man would be fortunate to have her, even if she isn’t the most sensible person in the world.
Jane Austen