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Summary Chapter 33

Emma doesn’t change her opinion of Mrs. Elton.
Mr. Elton is proud of his wife, and the neighbors think well of her.
Mrs. Elton becomes cooler towards Emma, who doesn’t encourage their friendship. Though Emma is glad, she dislikes Mrs. Elton more for it. The Eltons are both rude to Harriet.
Mrs. Elton likes Jane Fairfax from the start. She wishes to help her situation. She is partial to timid people, wanting to encourage them. She believes that she and Emma are in positions to help Jane Fairfax.
Miss Bates is grateful for Mrs. Eltons’ attentions to Jane. Emma is surprised when Jane appreciates it as well. Jane has been invited back to the Campbells, and Emma doesn’t understand why she doesn’t prefer to return to higher company. Emma suspects there must be a deeper reason why she refuses to return and chooses instead to associate with the lowly Mrs. Elton.
Mrs. Weston points out that Jane probably prefers to have some time away from the Bates’, which is why she spends time with Mrs. Elton. Mr. Knightley says that Jane Fairfax chose Mrs. Elton as a friend because Mrs. Elton offered her friendship—unlike some people (which is directed at Emma).
Mr. Knightley, at Emma’s prodding, says he never intended on marrying Jane Fairfax. He admires her, but a man wants a woman who is open. Emma is glad.
Jane Austen