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Summary Chapter 6

Emma is feeling optimistic that she has turned Harriet’s admiration to Mr. Elton’s favor. She believes Mr. Elton already is in love with Harriet due to the praises he heaps upon her. He has remarked that Harriet has improved since her introduction to her betters. He compliments Emma on her influence, but Emma insists Harriet did not need much refinement. She is further encouraged when he asks for Harriet’s portrait.
Mr. Elton encourages Emma to do a portrait of Harriet, though he seems more interested in what environment Harriet will sit in than in her face.
Harriet is not so keen on having her portrait drawn but agrees to do it. Emma produces all her sketches, none which had ever been finished. She never finished them because she feared people would think their praise of her abilities was undeserved. She feared they would not think she captured the likeness of a person.
Emma finds it difficult to draw with Mr. Elton in her company. She has him read. She is pleased with the sketch, as is Mr. Elton. Mr. Elton plans to come for the next sitting and read.
Mr. Knightley and Mrs. Weston critique the portrait, saying Emma is correcting facial flaws Harriet has. Mr. Elton defends it.
Getting the picture framed has some difficulties, but Mr. Elton volunteers to do it. Emma is worried that Mr. Elton’s love may not be genuine. She thinks his compliments and behavior are too forced. However, she assumes people show love differently.
Jane Austen