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Summary Chapter 30

Emma fears the Churchills will not allow Frank to stay long enough for the ball, but it seems they do not object to his prolonging his visit. They are not pleased, but they do not protest.
Mr. Knightley shows no interest in the ball. Though this annoys Emma, she is pleased that this is another sign he does not wish to marry Jane Fairfax. He is not trying to please her, for she is looking forward to the ball.
However, Frank is summoned back home because Mrs. Churchill is ill. Emma is bitterly disappointed.
Frank Churchill pays a call before he leaves. He is disappointed and doesn’t know when he’ll return. Emma believes he is about to profess his love to her when his father interrupts them. She decides she is in love with him since she is so depressed by his departure.
Meanwhile, Jane Fairfax has fallen ill again.
Jane Austen