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Summary Chapter 9

Mr. Knightley returns, still angry. Emma is unrepentant. She is more determined to continue her plans.
The painting is framed, and Mr. Elton seems to admire it. Harriet is flattered.
Emma is not making much progress in improving Harriet’s mind. They are collecting riddles. Mr. Elton composes a few, one which seems to be courting a woman. Emma is pleased, thinking this proves he loves Harriet.
Harriet doesn’t understand the riddle. Emma tells her it is Mr. Elton’s declaration of his love for her, which gratifies Harriet. She can’t believe someone as superior as Mr. Elton loves her. Emma is glad that Harriet believes he writes better than Mr. Martin.
Mr. Woodhouse is delighted that Isabella is coming for a visit but sad that she can only stay for a week. He believes her husband is too rough on the children, and their uncle is too careless.
Jane Austen