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Character Summary

EMMA WOODHOUSE: meddling heroine of story
MISS TAYLOR (LATER MRS. WESTON): Emma’s former governess and good friend
MR. WESTON: the man Miss Taylor marries
MR. GEORGE KNIGHTLEY: Woodhouse friend who often fights with Emma, brother of John
MR. JOHN KNIGHTLEY: Isabella’s husband
MR. WOODHOUSE: Emma’s worrywart father
FRANK CHURCHILL: son of Mr. Weston by his first wife
MISS BATES: Mrs. Bates’ unmarried daughter
HARRIET SMITH: a pretty, 17 year old girl who attends Mrs. Goddard’s school
JANE FAIRFAX: Miss Bates’ niece
MISS AUGUSTA HAWKINS (LATER MRS. ELTON): a woman Mr. Elton gets engaged to
ISABELLA: Emma’s older sister
JAMES: Woodhouse valet
HANNAH: James’ daughter who works for the Westons
MISS CHURCHILL (FIRST MRS. WESTON): first wife of Mr. Weston, now deceased
MR. PERRY: apothecary, Mr. Woodhouse’s doctor
MRS. BATES: a widow
MRS. GODDARD: mistress of a boarding school
ROBERT MARTIN: a man that likes Harriet
MISS NASH: head teacher at Mrs. Goddard’s school
HENRY KNIGHTLEY: Isabella’s eldest child
JOHN KNIGHTLEY, JR.: Isabella’s second child
EMMA KNIGHTLEY: Isabella’s youngest child
MR. WINGFIELD: Isabella’s doctor
MRS. CHURCHILL: Frank’s aunt that has raised him.
MRS. DIXON (FORMERLY MISS CAMPBELL): daughter of Colonel Campbell
MR. DIXON: husband of Mrs. Dixon
COLONEL CAMPBELL: guardian of Miss Fairfax and father to Mrs. Dixon
MRS. CAMPBELL: wife of Colonel Campbell and mother to Mrs. Dixon
JANE BATES (LATER FAIRFAX, SR.): youngest daughter of Mrs. Bates and mother to Jane Fairfax the younger.
LIEUTENANT FAIRFAX: husband to Jane Bates and father of Jane Fairfax, Jr.
ELIZABETH MARTIN: sister of Robert Martin
THE COLES: a merchant family that becomes more prominent in Highbury
MISS BICKERTON: another boarder at Mrs. Goddard’s
ANNA WESTON: The Westons' baby daughter

Jane Austen