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Information on Internet Essays

We do not sell essays on this site. This site is merely a tool for reading, searching, and discussing works of classic literature. Sometimes students will post their essays for public critique or comment, but those are the only essays you will find on this site (other than those written by classic authors). However, many of our advertisers do sell essays and so we feel it is important to address these services.

For Teachers

Not all students use essay sites for the purposes of cheating. Many are just stuck with writer's block and also have a diffult time grasping the rigid structure that many teachers require. Such students use essay sites to find inspiration or for help in constructing the layout of their paper by the emulation of examples. If the student cites the paper they were inspired from this is generally considered acceptable.

If you feel that your students are turning in unedited purchased essays you can scan them through or and check to see if the essays are found anywhere on the Internet. Additionally these services are good ways of checking quotes & references for the submitted works.

For Students

Few people like writing essays, and the rigid essay style is often difficult for many students to master. As such it is okay for you to use purchased essays for inspiration or as an example as to how to construct your own essay, so long as you cite your source and so long as all the thoughts within your essay are your own in your own words.

The wholesale copying of essays found on the Internet, either for free or from pay sites, isn't very smart. Being caught cheating in college can end up with you being kicked out of school, and in high school it will assuredly result in a failure and permanent marks against you that could prevent you from being accepted into a college in the future. Teachers have very sophisticated tools now to compare your submitted essay against millions of essays on the Internet, the chances of you being caught are very high.

Use purchases essays as references like you would use an encyclopedia, magazine article, or other factual source of information. Do not plagiarize.