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Summary Chapter 55

Emma worries that Harriet is only marrying Robert out of desperation, but upon meeting her is convinced that Harriet had always loved him. Harriet realizes she had been silly.
Emma finds out that Harriet is the illegitimate daughter of a tradesman. She realizes her blunder in assuming Harriet’s parentage had been something more. Emma meets Robert Martin and finds him amiable. He will provide a good life for Harriet.
Their friendship becomes less intimate as they travel in different circles. Robert and Harriet were the last to get engaged but the first to marry.
Jane returns to the Campbells. She will marry Frank in November.
Mr. Woodhouse had been in denial about the upcoming marriage between Emma and Mr. Knightley. He is unhappy when the date is fixed. He finds the idea agreeable when a poultry thief starts hitting the area. He wishes to be protected, and having Mr. Knightley at Hartfield becomes more acceptable.
Mrs. Elton thinks their wedding is shabby, but everyone else is happy.
Jane Austen