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Summary Chapter 25

Frank Churchill abruptly leaves for London to have his hair cut. This doesn’t disturb Emma, though she thinks it is ridiculous. His father thinks it is just vanity, but Mrs. Weston is perturbed by it. However, in general she finds him a pleasant man and has nothing bad to say about him. Emma feels he could fall in love with her, though she still vows to never marry. Mr. Weston believes his son admires Emma too.
Mr. Knightley alone is not impressed by Frank Churchill.
The Coles were good people but only moderately genteel. Good fortune had increased their wealth. They added to their house and increased their number of servants. Emma is worried about how to tell them they are not to expect that the higher class families will visit them despite this. However, though the Coles do invite the Randalls and Donwell, they do not send an invitation to her. The families Emma expected to refuse actually accepted the invitation. Mrs. Weston says the Coles didn’t invite Emma because they knew she didn’t dine out.
Emma begins to think she would have accepted since all her friends are going.
The Coles do send an invitation later. Emma decides to accept. She talks her father, though, out of going to the party.
Jane Austen