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Summary Chapter 20

Jane Fairfax is the orphaned daughter of Mrs. Bates’ youngest daughter Jane. Jane Bates’ marriage to Lieutenant Fairfax ended with her being widowed prematurely. She died of consumption when Jane, Jr. was three. Jane, Jr. was raised by Mrs. and Miss Bates.
Jane Jr. had opportunity open up to her when her father’s friend Colonel Campbell took an interest in her and paid for her education. He had been a good friend to Lieutenant Fairfax, who had saved his life. He also had a young daughter the same age. Jane went to the live with the Campbell family at nine years old. She was to be trained as a teacher.
Though she could have begun her career now, she was too beloved to be parted with. Jane’s mind and beauty were superior to Miss Campbell's, but Miss Campbell was the one who got married to Mr. Dixon.
Jane decided to start her career. She became ill when Miss Campbell married.
Emma dislikes Jane Fairfax. Mr. Knightley thinks it is because she is jealous of an accomplished woman. Emma dislikes how everyone makes over Jane, and Jane never tries to please them.
Emma has to admit that Jane Fairfax is elegant and beautiful. She decides not to hate her now that she knows that Jane is going to lose her luxurious life. However, when everyone fusses over her again, Emma decides to hate her again. Emma also dislikes Jane’s reserve.
Jane won’t reveal anything about Mr. Dixon. Emma suspects that she had loved him, but he married Miss Campbell for her money. Jane also doesn’t give much information about Frank Churchill, whom she had met.
Jane Austen