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Summary Chapter 49

Emma’s melancholy lifts as the weather becomes finer. Mr. Knightley arrives and doesn’t look particularly happy. Emma assumes it is because he has quarreled with his brother.
He reveals Mr. Weston told him about Frank and Jane’s engagement. He believes Emma’s heart is broken over it. He regrets that Jane is going to marry Frank, for she deserves better. Emma tells him she had been flattered by Frank, but she never cared for him.
Mr. Knightley remarks how fortune smiles on Frank. He chose a good woman. He can give her a better life. The aunt that would have opposed it has died. He had been unfair to everyone, but everyone has forgiven him.
Mr. Knightley professes his love for Emma. She is happy that Harriet’s beliefs were wrong. She is also glad she did not reveal that Harriet was in love with Mr. Knightley.
Mr. Knightley had been jealous of Frank Churchill because he considered him a rival for Emma’s affections. He had returned to see how Emma had borne the news of the engagement.
Jane Austen