Character Summary


QUEXANA (DON QUIXOTE): a fifty year old gentleman who goes insane and decides to become a knight

ROCINANTE: Don Quixote’s steed

DULCINEA DEL TOBOSO: the new name Quixote gives to a woman he once loved named Aldonza Lorenzo, whom he makes his lady love at the beginning of his journey

MASTER LICENTIATE PEDRO PEREZ: curate of Quixote’s village

MASTER NICHOLAS: barber of Quixote’s village

MARITORNES: a servant at an inn

GINÉS DE PASAMONTE (later MASTER PETER): a criminal that Quixote frees who turns on him

nobleman that Quixote comes across

LUSCINDA: the woman Cardenio loves

FERNANDO: the second son of Duke Ricardo who becomes Cardenio’s good friend

DOROTHEA (PRINCESS MICOMICONA): the daughter of a farmer that Fernando had promised to marry but left

JUANA PANZA (called Teresa in second book): Sancho’s wife

SAMSON CARRASCO: a bachelor who encourages Quixote to continue his travels

MARÍ (usually called SANCHICA)—Sanchico’s twin sister

THE DUKE AND DUCHESS: hosts who play tricks on Don Quixote and Sancho

DOÑA RODRIGUEZ DE GRIJALBA: duenna of the duke and duchess

ALTISIDORA: handmaiden who pretends to be in love with Don Quixote

ANTONIA QUIXANO: Quixote’s niece

THE HOUSEKEEPER: Don Quixote’s housekeeper



DON HALDUDO: a master who is beating his servant when Don Quixote stops him

ANDREW (or ANDRES): a servant who was being beaten for losing sheep

PEDRO ALONSO: peasant and neighbor who finds Quixote when he is injured

FRESTON: Don Quixote’s imagined nemesis, an evil wizard

DUKE RICARDO: a man that hires Cardenio to be a companion for his son

SANCHICO—15 year old son of Sancho’s

LOPE TOCHO—Sancho’s neighbor who likes his daughter

KNIGHT OF THE WOOD: a knight that Quixote comes across

SQUIRE OF THE WOOD: Knight of the Wood’s squire, who has a frightful nose

CASILDEA DE VANDALIA: the lady Knight of the Wood is enamored with

TOM CECIAL: the Squire of the Wood’s real identity, a neighbor of Sancho’s

BASILIO: a lover who plans a strategy to win his love

CAMACHO: rich man marrying Basilio’s love

QUITERIA: Basilio’s love

CAMACHO’S COUSIN: shows Don Quixote the Cave of Montesinos

MONTESINOS: an elderly gentleman of myth that Quixote claims he saw at the bottom of the cave named after him

RICOTE: a man that lived in Sancho’s village that was banished for being a Moor

DON JUAN AND DON JERONIMO: two guests at an inn who are shocked to meet the real Don Quixote they have read about

ROQUE GUINART: Spain’s equivalent of Robin Hood

KNIGHT OF THE WHTIE MOON: another alternate personality of Samson’s which succeeds in vanquishing Quixote

DON ALVARO TARFE: a character that appears in an alternate story of Don Quixote

DON ANTONIO MORENO: a friend of Roque’s who welcomes Quixote to Barcelona

RUY PEREZ: a recently liberated Christian

ZORAIDA: the Moor wife of Ruy

THE JUDGE: Ruy Perez's brother

DONA CLARA: the Judge's daughter

DON LUIS: a boy that is in love with Clara

EUGENIO: goatherd

LEANDRA: Eugenio's love

ANSELMO: a rival of Eugenio's

VICENTE DE LA ROCA: a soldier Leandra loves

DON DIEGO DE MIRANDA: man Quixote meets on the road, known as the Knight of the Green Gaban

DON LORENZO: son of Don Diego

DONA CHRISTINA: Don Diego's wife

CORCHUELO: a student who invites Quixote and Sancho to a wedding

TRIFALDIN OF THE WHITE BEARD: squire to the Countess Trifaldi

COUNTESS TRIFALDI: the distressed duenna

DON CLAVIJO: seducer of Trifaldi

MALAMBRUNO: cousin of Queen Maguncia

MAGUNCIA: queen the Countess Trifaldi serves

ANTONOMASIA: Maguncia's daughter

CLAVILENO: wooden horse

EMERENCIA: Altisidora's friend

TOSILOS: fills in for a challenge and falls in love with Dona Rodriguez's daughter

CLAUDIA JERONIMA: daughter of Simon Forte

SIMON FORTE: friend of Roque Guinart

CLAUQULL TORRELLAS: enemy of Roque's


ANA FELIX: Ricote's daughter


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