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Summary Chapter 94

Enjoying their series of practical jokes, the duke and duchess contact their vassals and tell them how to behave, as they plan to give Sancho his government.

The duke tells Sancho that the island is already made and very fertile. If he knows how to manage it, he will be wealthy. The duke comments on how sweet power is. He will prepare Sancho with the proper clothes so he can leave tomorrow.

Don Quixote pulls Sancho aside to advise him. He tells Sancho he is a blockhead and did not earn this governorship. He should be grateful then, of it is a reward from Heaven. Sancho should fear God, and he’ll be steered right. Sancho should know himself so he won’t puff himself up with vanity. He shouldn’t scorn his origins.

Virtue is acquired and better than noble birth. He should not turn away poor relations. If he sends for his wife, he’ll need to train her. If Teresa dies, he should not marry a woman who desires him for his money.

Don’t let subjective law rule his mind. Be compassionate to the ppor. Always look for the truth amongst the bribes and sobs. Be merciful and let pity have a say in his decisions. Always focus on facts and don’t twist them to injure enemies. Don’t be ruled by passion. Don’t let a woman’s beauty outweigh the facts in a case.

Do not insult a punished man. Remember that criminals are human. Show mercy without injuring the innocent.

Miguel de Cervantes