Summary Chapter 13

The next morning, the goatherds rouse Don Quixote so that he can accompany them to see the funeral. On the road, they encounter other goatherds carrying wreaths. They discuss the funeral and Marcela.

One of the goatherds, called Vivaldo, asks Don Quixote what he was doing traveling in these parts. He explains his vocation, which causes the other man to label him as mad. Yet, Vivaldo asks for more details. He occasionally makes remarks that he thinks knights behave like heathans or do not love, and Quixote makes rebuttals.

Don Quixote discusses the lineage of Dulcinea. Vivaldo remarks he has never heard of her, which scandalizes Quixote. Sancho isn't surprised, for he has never heard of a princess in El Toboso either.

The finally come to the funeral party. Ambrosio is declaring that his burial place is where he first saw Marcela and proposed to her, and she rejected him with much scorn--which lead to his death. Vivaldo approves of them reporting the cruelty of Marcela as a future warning and asks for some of Chrysostom's writings, which Ambrosio is going to burn. Ambrosio allows him to a have few but says he must burn the rest.

Vivaldo reads what Chrysostom wrote while they dig the man's grave. It is the last thing he wrote before he died.

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