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Summary Chapter 92

The Countess Trifaldi fainted, and Don Quixote curses Malambruno for his unjust punishment. They probably can't get anyone to shave them, which one of the duennas confirms. They don't have money, and they won't allow the women who normally pluck eyebrows to touch them.

The Countess recovers and tells him that Malambruno has offered to send a special wooden steed to transport the knight that will challenge him. This horse was made by Merlin and lent to his friend Pierres. Malambruno stoled him from Pierres. The horse can fly very quickly and smoothly, traveling around the world in a day. He never tires or requires maintenance. There is enough room to carry both Quixote and Sancho.

Sancho has his doubts about keeping his seat on this enchanted horse. He is tempted to leave the duennas to their own fates rather than bruise his bum on some wooden horse. The Countess insists he participate in the adventure, for he is crucial. Sancho has never heard of a tale where a knight has needed his squire's help to accomplish a task. He thinks his time would be better spent disenchanting Dulcinea.

The duchess tells him he must go. Sancho really doesn't care if the duennas remain with beards. The duchess tells him he is too hard on them.

Sancho, however, seeing how distressed the Countess is, feels bad and agrees to accompany his master.

Miguel de Cervantes