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Summary Chapter 6

The curate asks the niece for the keys to Don Quexana’s library. The housekeeper brings holy water and asks the curate to bless the room to protect them from the wizards who authored the bewitched books—for no doubt they will curse anyone who desires to destroy them.

The curate wants to check the books first to see if they are offensive—not all might need to be burned. The niece insists all be destroyed. The housekeeper agrees, but the curate doesn’t.

The first book brings a disagreement between the curate and the barber. The curate wants to burn it because it was the original manuscript that birth the knights, but the barber wants to save it because it is the finest literature of its genre. The curate finally concedes. There is no dispute with the other titles, which are thrown into a pile for a bonfire.

Miguel de Cervantes