Summary Chapter 67



The curate and barber realized they wouldn’t be able to keep Quixote at home. They enlisted Samson’s help to encourage him to go out, and then to vanquish him. He would then force Quixote to agree to return to his village and stay. Quixote would be forced to agree by the laws of chivalry, giving them time to remedy his insanity or maybe time causing him to forget it.

However, Samson lost. Tom asks him who is the greater madman—Quixote who can’t help it, or Samson—who is one by choice. Samson points out that a madman by choice can stop being one when he likes.

Samson vows to hunt Quixote down now out of revenge than to help him. A bone setter cures him. Tom Cecial returns home, leaving Samson behind.

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