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Summary Chapter 111

They refresh themselves in a spring. Sancho waits to eat until Don Quixote plans to dine—but when he doesn’t, Sancho abandons good manners and eats. Quixote asks Sancho to do his penance for Dulcinea. Sancho begs to be allowed to sleep, sayng he will get to disenchanting Dulcinea eventually.

They arrive at an inn that promises to have everything but appears to have nothing except cows heel. While supping, they overhear a man suggesting to another that they read Don Quixote. The other thinks the book is idiotic.

Don Juan, who suggested reading it, says that all books have something good in them. He doesn’t like the second book suggesting that Quixote no longer loves Dulcinea. Don Quixote, angry, challenges anyone who says such a thing.

One of the men embraces him. Quxiote looks over the book written about him and makes objections about the inaccuracies. Don Jeronimo says the author, along with confusing the name of Sancho’s daughter with his wife’s name, depicts Sancho as a glutton and an ill-humored fool.

The men invite Quixote to dine with them. When Don Quixote mentions he is going to Saragossa to be in the tournaments, Don Juan complains what a terrible chapter that was in the book. Quixote decides not to go just to vex the author and prove his account is false.

Quixote decides to take his friends’ advice and go to Barcelona instead. The men marvel at his madness, but they believe he really is Don Quixote.

Miguel de Cervantes