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Summary Chapter 56

Sancho tells Carrasco that Dapple was stolen while he was asleep. However, a few days later, they encountered Gines de Pasamonte riding his donkey. As for the crowns, he spent them.

Quixote asks if there is a sequel. Samson replies the author has promised one, but he hasn’t had any ideas yet. He no doubt will come up with some for the money he will make.

Sancho suggests they continue their journey to give this fellow something to write about. Don Quixote agrees. Samson suggests going to a jousting tournament in Sargossa, but tells Quixote he must be more careful with his life since so many look to him for protection.

Sancho tells Quixote if they leave, Quixote will have to do the fighting. Sancho will only look after his master’s cleanliness and comfort. He expects to be rewarded as a good squire.

Samson tells Sancho Quixote will not get him an island but a kingdom, but he must not let it go to his head so that he refuses to acknowledge his own mother. Sancho says he is not an ungrateful person. Quixote plans to leave a week later. Samson promises to keep it a secret.

Quixote asks Samson to compose stanzas for Dulcinea.

Miguel de Cervantes