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Summary Chapter 15

Don Quixote fails to find Marcela. He and Sancho rest near a stream when the heat becomes oppressive. Sancho hadn’t bothered to tie up Rocinanate, for he never strays. However, the horse catches the scent of some nearby mares and goes to them. The mares don’t want to be seduced, and they bite and kick Rocinante. Their owners knock him to the ground.

Don Quixote plans to avenge his horse, and he tell Sancho he may fight beside him, as these are common scum. Sancho doesn’t relish the idea of two men going up against twenty. Quixote claims he is equal to one hundred men.

Quixote and Sancho go after the men, who beat them senseless and leave. Quixote believes the battle gods have punished him for going against normal men. He tells his squire that in the future, Sancho will have to fight vile scum on his own. Quixote can only fight knights.

Sancho reminds Quixote that he has a family and is a peaceful man by nature. From now on, he will fight no one. Quixote criticizes Sancho, saying he couldn’t rule an island if he isn’t willing to defend it.

Don Quixote wishes to find shelter. They come across an inn. They argue with each other. Sancho insists that it is an inn, and Quixote believes it is a castle.

Miguel de Cervantes