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Summary Chapter 120

Don Quixote's concerns keep him restless and unable to sleep. He wakes Sancho up and criticizes his hard-heartedness. He should suffer like Quixote, but he sleeps soundly. Quixote asks him to give himself four hundred lashes for Dulcinea. Sancho begs to be allowed to sleep.

Don Quixote points out all he has done for him. Sancho counters that a man should be allowed the peace of sleep.

They are interrupted by some men taking their pigs to a fair. The pigs trample them. Sancho wants to kill them, but Don Quixote considers them part of his chastisement. Sancho goes back to sleep.

When they are traveling the next day, they encounter men on horseback carrying lances. They seize the reins of Dapple and Rocinante. They gesture Don Quixote and Sancho to be silent. They drive them on with taunts.

They arrive at the castle of the duke's. Don Quixote is amazed at the different treatment they have received this time around.

Miguel de Cervantes