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Summary Chapter 89

Don Quixote unwittingly goes along with the duke and duchess' scheme. Sancho remembers how an apothecary he knew hated all duennas, who were nothing but trouble in his eyes. He worries this one will interfere with his getting his governship.

Don Quixote tells Sancho that this duenna is a countess and not like the ones the apothecary mention. Dona Rodriguez also comes to the defense of duennas. Squires are always tattling on duennas and trying to make their lives difficult. The duchess advises that the duenna rid Sancho of his prejudice towards duennas, but Sancho says he doesn't care about duennas.
The quarrel is interrupted by the arrival of the countess.

The duchess proposes that they should go out to meet her. Sancho says they needn't bother if she is just a duenna. Don Quixote tells him not to meddle.

The duke agrees with Sancho. They will see what the duenna is like first to see what type of courtesy she should receive.

Miguel de Cervantes