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Summary Chapter 123

Don Quixote is still hurting from his defeat, but happy that Sancho was able to restore Altisidora to life. Sancho is unhappy that Altisidora did not give him the shirts she promised him.

Don Quixote then proposes to pay Sancho for doing his penance. Sancho proposes a price for doing the penance. Don Quixote offers to give him another three hundred over the stated price if Sancho performs the act quickly. Sancho agrees to start that night.

Don Quixote offers to keep count when they stop that night. However, when he starts whipping himself, he tells Quixote the deal is off. The lashes actually are worth more money than the price he stated. Quixote offers to double the price.

Sancho agrees, but this time he whips the tree trunk and groans. Don Quixote orders him to stop after a thousand lashes. Sancho tells him he can bear more. He strips the tree bear.

The next day, they come to an inn that has paintings of Greek myths about Helen of Troy and Dido. Don Quixote says it is a pity these ladies did not live in his time, for he would have prevented the tragic fall of the cities of Troy and Carthage. Sancho bets that one day there will be paintings of them, though he hopes done by a better painter.

Don Quixote asks Sancho if he is going to do more lashes tonight, and whether he wants to do them indoors or outdoors. Sancho wants to do them in the forest, for the trees bear him company. Don Quixote tells him to be certain not to wear down his strength, for they will arrive at their village tomorrow. Sancho wishes to conclude the business.

Miguel de Cervantes